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Cuber, RonnieBoplicity
2012Cuber, Ronnie
Cuber, RonnieCuber LibreJazz1976Cuber, Ronnie
Cuber, RonnieTwo Brothers
1985Cuber, Ronnie
Cuber, RonnieLive At The Blue Note1986Cuber, Ronnie
Cuber, RonnieRonnie
2009Cuber, Ronnie
Cuber, RonnieN Y Cats
1997Cuber, Ronnie
Cuber, RonnieIn a New York Minute
1996Cuber, Ronnie
Cuber, RonniePassion Fruit
1985Cuber, Ronnie
Cuber, RonniePin Point
1987Cuber, Ronnie
Cuber, RonnieAirplay
1994Cuber, Ronnie
Cuber, RonniePlays Mulligan
1998Cuber, Ronnie; Brignola, Nick; Smul
D.E.W. EastD.E.W. East Meets Nick Brignol0Brignola, Nick
Dako, DelBalancing Act
0Dako, Del
Daly, ClaireBaritone Monk
2012Daly, Claire
Daly, ClaireHeaven Help Us All
2004Daly, Claire
Daly, ClaireSwing Low
1999Daly, Claire
Daly, ClaireScaribari0Daly, Claire
Daly, ClaireMary Joyce Project: Nothing To0Daly, Claire
Dato, Carlo ActisFolklore Imaginario
0Dato, Carlo Actis
Davis, CharlesBlue Gardenia
0Davis, Charles
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